Coming Events for Youth, College, and Families

Movie Night

Oh Boy, it’s Movie Night again, April 12th. Come join us and see the hit movie “God Is Not Dead”. Contact Sara Scardino through the church office at 619-582-8480 for more details.

Hot Dog Stands

Night Hot Dog Stand
Night Hot Dog Stand

It is more Hot Dog Stands. Come joins for lots of food, fun, sustenance, and camaraderie.

The Night Time Hot Dog Stand will be serving the college and community on April 25th at 8:00PM

The Day Time Hot Dog Stand will be serving the community and college on April 29th starting 11:00AM.

Anyone interested in joining our Hot Dog Stand Crew, please contact Al Cass through the church office at 619-582-8480.


Sunday April 13th and 27th we will be hosting a College and Youth Fellowship program at 11:00AM. Join us for great discussions in a casual social gathering.

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