Music for Holy Week

Sunday Anthem
Faith Sanctuary Choir

PALM SUNDAY – 9:30am
Choral Introit:  “Sanctus” (abridged) – C. Gounod
Choral Anthem:  “Shout Hosanna!” – R. Nagy
Offertory:  “All Hail the Power” – Rhonda Fleming, pianist
Organ Postlude:  Chorale-Prelude on the melody “Vexilla Regis” – Healey Willan

Piano Prelude:  “A Reflection on the Cross” – Rhonda Fleming, pianist
Handbell Prelude:  “Were You There” –  Faith Handbell Ensemble
Choral Anthem:  “Via Dolorosa” – T. Fettke

Easter Choir
Easter Choir


Organ Prelude:  “Dawn” – Cyril Jenkins
Piano Prelude:  “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” – Rhonda Fleming, pianist
Choral Introit:  “Christ is Risen” – Jan Sanborn
Choral Anthem:  “Blessing, Glory, Wisdom and Thanks” – J. S. Bach
Choral Anthem:  “Behold the Man” – J. Owens
At the end of the service, the choir and congregation will join together in singing “Hallelujah” from the oratorio “Messiah” by George F. Handel
Organ Postlude:  “Toccata” from Symphony 5 – C. M. Widor

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