Holy Week

Holy Week

The Blessings and challenges of Holy Week: Holy Week gives Christians around the world an opportunity to engage every day life in a context that invites us into the scriptures and to examine our daily routine. The gospels dedicate 28 chapters to the last week of Jesus’ life. Within those chapters we watch Jesus teaching and blessing people – we also witness the confrontations of the religious authorities, the political and judicial machinations of the day and the fickle nature of people face with a decision – all of this leading to Jesus crucifixion and glorious resurrection. I encourage all of us to pick up our Bibles and read this story again. How are we blessed each day with the teachings of grace, forgiveness and amazing love? How are we challenged each day by religion, politics and justice? Can we walk with Jesus and face the crosses of life and find new life in him – have a blessed and transformative journey this Holy Week.


Chris Lenocker



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