Resurrection Makes a Difference

The preaching in the early church by Peter and Paul spoke forcefully about the reality of Jesus’ resurrection. The church recognizes this priority by naming the post Easter season Eastertide – a time to focus on the impact of Jesus conquering death on our behalf and taking our sins upon himself, so our sins might die with him. How would our lives be lived differently if we believe Jesus has prepared the way for us to follow him into an eternal relationship with God? How would our lives be lived if we truly believe our sins – of which there are many, have been forgiven? The call to follow Jesus, in light of Resurrection, is wonderfully displayed in the scriptures as the early church began to live into Resurrection life. Not only did they understand the directive to spread the Good News, but they could live it as well. Relationships were formed based on a common overwhelming call to strengthen the bonds of love between believers and those who heard the message for the first time. They began to understand just how much God loved them and how that same love could be given to others, so that God’s grace in Jesus would become tangible and real. Ethnic, cultural and political walls began to crumble and the church became a church open to all who received the Good News and followed Jesus.

What would it look like today to live into Resurrection life? How can we share the Good News with others who do not know Jesus? How can we exhibit the love of God in our communities and neighborhoods? So, the challenge is still before us and the resources of God’s gracious love, the forgiveness of Jesus and the amazing power of Holy Spirit at work in the world is active and vital. Will we “get on with it?” Will we be Easter people in the world?


Pastor Chris

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