Fundraiser for the Parkes Family

In May 2011, Allen Parkes was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Stage IV brain cancer called Glioblastoma.  Sadly in March of this year, he lost the battle and passed away.  (Allen Parkes’ children Ethan and Brandon attended our College Park Preschool)

What friends and family witnessed in his journey was his relentless courage and his refusal to allow cancer to defeat him or his family.  Allen taught people that the difficulties in life are meant to awaken us, not discourage us.

On Saturday, July 12, 2014, we will have a fundraiser at the El Cerrito Farmers Market.   The Farmers Market is a place where we come together to honor Allen’s spirit and courage and support his family.  All money raised goes directly to the Parkes family.

Everything is on a donation basis.  Here’s where you come in.  We need things to sell that include:

* fruits * vegetables *  flowers *

*home-made products * baked goods *

*or anything else your creative spirit can produce *

If you can volunteer or want more information, please contact Claudia at

The El Cerrito Farmers Market is located at 5602 Adams Ave. (Gladene and Newell).

The market will start at 9:30am  and ends at 12:30pm.





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