Hot Dog Stands!

Night Time Hot Dog Stand
Night Time Hot Dog Stand

To all college students and the community: We have several events scheduled for August in anticipation of the start of the Fall Semester at SDSU. August 22nd we’ll have a night time hot dog stand starting at 9:00pm. August 27th and 28th there will be daytime hot dog stands.

A way to meet...
A way to meet…







To the congregation: do you think of yourself as the “Bun Master” type? Are you more of a people person and are well-suited to be a “Greeter”? Perhaps you prefer to remain behind the scenes and donate baked goodies. Or would you prefer to be a “Roadie” and help set up the pavilion/tables/etc? There are loads of opportunities, so call the church office now at (619) 582-8480 and get the message to Alan Cass or Sarah Scardino that you want to help.

Day Time Hot Dog Stand
Daytime Hot Dog Stand

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