Special Offering – Peace & Global Witness

On World Communion Sunday, October 4, 2015, we will be giving our Peace & Global Witness Offering (used to be called Peacemaking Offering).

The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is actively engaged in efforts to promote peace and reconciliation in more than 50 countries.  The 4 weeks preceding World Communion Sunday  are designated for Presbyterians as a “Season of Peace,” a time to focus our attention on what can be done to promote the peace of Christ in a world accustomed to conflict and its consequences.  During this period, beginning this Sunday, make a conscious commitment to notice systems of injustice and consider what can be done to promote peaceful resolutions.

The following information about special offerings of the PC (USA) was taken from the webpage: http://specialofferings.pcusa.org/  To learn more, please visit their website.

The four church-wide Special Offerings of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) are a collective witness to Jesus Christ’s love for the whole church. The Christmas Joy Offering, One Great Hour of Sharing, Pentecost Offering and Peace & Global Witness Offering play an important role in defining what it means to be a connectional church. Over the years these offerings have provided ways for individuals and congregations to join together with each other and in partnership with other Christians in responding to a variety of concerns. “

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