The Ups and Downs of Scripture

Stories and teachings from the Bible influence our world view and shape our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Yet, we may encounter the Bible and have no one to talk to about passages we find uplifting, puzzling, confusing, or challenging … until now. Starting September 25th, at 11 in room 1 of Faith Presbyterian Church (on the corner of Montezuma Rd. and Campanile Dr.,) the Adult Education Hour will offer a five week series called: “Adult Encounters with Scripture.”

The series will run from the 25th to October 30th and will be facilitated by two experienced Spiritual Companions, David Helkenn and Mary Elva Smith. This is your chance to respond to your questions and discuss possible interpretations of scripture with other adults. All are welcome. If child care is needed, simply call the church office at 619: 582-8480, to make arrangements.


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