Coffee Stand for our SDSU Neighbors

On Monday morning, May 11th we will be having a coffee stand for our SDSU neighbors.  Please join us to host a coffee stand.  We welcome donation of baked goods and fruits.  If you would like to volunteer, there are many ways you can help: food preparation (come early);   clean up;  serving; or just being there to greetContinue reading “Coffee Stand for our SDSU Neighbors”

Beacon Worship Service for the Spring Semester kicks off on Sunday

Our first Beacon Worship Service for the Spring Semester kicks off on Sunday, January 25th at 7:00 PM!!  Beacon is a contemporary service led by our favorite guitarist:  Clinton.   All are welcome – college students, young adults, and those young at heart!!! For those interested in being part of the Beacon Worship Team, we areContinue reading “Beacon Worship Service for the Spring Semester kicks off on Sunday”

Hot Dog Stands!

To all college students and the community: We have several events scheduled for August in anticipation of the start of the Fall Semester at SDSU. August 22nd we’ll have a night time hot dog stand starting at 9:00pm. August 27th and 28th there will be daytime hot dog stands.            Continue reading “Hot Dog Stands!”

48-Hour Prayer Room

College students save these dates, August 22nd through 24th, in the church’s room 1. This interactive prayer room will be open for 48 hours straight to pray for SDSU’s new school year. To the congregation: We need at least one person in the room praying so call the church office at (619) 582-8480 and signContinue reading “48-Hour Prayer Room”

Our Thanks to the College Ministries

Last Sunday, June 8,  the College Ministry Committee  and SDSU Christian groups honored our congregation with a great fiesta!  Thank you for a wonderful lunch and great fellowship. This is a great way to close out the 2013-2014 school year.      Thank you all for your dedicated work! Wishing our SDSU students a great and safe summer!Continue reading “Our Thanks to the College Ministries”