Community Update:

Dear Faith family, 

It’s been a long 13 months. Now, since many of our most vulnerable and older adults have been vaccinated, we believe the time is right to begin a slow and careful journey into the light of a new day. As a result, beginning at 9:30am on Sunday May 2, 2021, Faith is going to start worship in person in the sanctuary. 

We do, however, need to work with certain public heath guidelines, so things will look different. Below, you will find what to expect when you arrive to the campus. This outline is subject to change in time but is a description of what to expect initially. 

Upon arrival, you will enter the sanctuary only through the main door. You will be met by members of the Task Force, have your temperature taken, and have the seating explained.  

All those in attendance will wear masks. 

Seating will be spread out, socially distant. Since San Diego has recently moved into the orange tier, we are permitted to allow 50% of our seating capacity.  

In the narthex, there will be a box available for your offering, a plate for you to place any special prayer requests, and any other information you will need.   

Bibles, Hymnals, and papers will be removed from the pew racks.  

We will not serve Communion.

There will not be congregational singing, responsive readings, or choral music, since singing and reciting are the best ways to spread any virus.

We know that the first inclination for everyone is to reach out and hug someone. For now, stick to elbow bumps, fist bumps, and waves!

When worship concludes, please be very careful how you socialize with people. This is for your own benefit and to be respectful of others. 

No food or coffee will be served.

The elevator will be available for one family unit at a time.

There will be activity bags for children, and there will be a special message each Sunday for children as they remain in the sanctuary with the adults. There is also a lovely courtyard and grass area for children to run around as needed. 

It will truly be a gift to share in beautiful music, prayer, encouraging messages, and the physical presence of one another!

If you have not yet received at least one dose of a covid vaccine and you prefer to worship online at home, we will be continuing online worship from now on. 

It has been a long year, and now we are finally on the road to better days. If you have questions feel free to ask pastor Sam or any member of the Task Force. We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, May 2 at 9:30am.


Pastor Sam

The Task Force: Nancy Harber, Kathy Hays, Jill Gustafson, Paula Carmack, and Rich Volkert

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