Lent & Easter

February 17 ~ April 4

“The season of Lent is a time of prayer, fasting and self-examination in preparation for the celebration of the resurrection of the Lord at Easter.”

~Presbyterian Mission


A sermon series on the Gospel of John continues through the season of Lent. The Gospel of John tells a different story than the other three gospels in the New Testament. This Gospel focuses on the eternal Word of God entering human experience and dwelling with our human desire for belonging. This Gospel tells stories of Jesus with flashes of irony, passion, and humor.

Join us here in our preparatory time to celebrate the risen Christ in this Lenten Season.

Lenten Devotional.  A very meaningful way to prepare for Easter is to follow a daily Lenten devotional.  We are using Presbyterian Mission’s 2021 devotional entitled “The Way to Shalom~A Lenten Journey to Peace and Wholeness”

Lent Ideas for Families with Children.  There are several great ways that families can observe Lent together from Presbyterian Outlook.

One Great Hour of Sharing During this season, we also participate in a denominational special offering, the One Great Hour of Sharing.

Easter Sunday Drive in Service. We will celebrate Easter as a community with a drive-in service in our parking lot. You can see the service and listen on your radio. When you arrive, you’ll be given the radio channel. Come and join us! If you can’t join us, the service will also be available on Zoom to watch live at home.

See you there at 11am on Easter Sunday!


Ash Wednesday

This year, Ash Wednesday will be a new experience with an online worship service

Receiving”; Jesus draws near to his followers as they find themselves caught in the middle of a storm.

Devotional | The Way to Shalom, pp 2-5

The sign of the cross.  To observe Ash Wednesday at home, you are invited to make the sign of the cross with ashes on your forehead or wrist. The imposition of the ashes in a cross is an important aspect for many in our congregation to mark a contemplative start to Lent. 

Worship During Lent

Feb 17 -20

Devotional | Shalom: The Way to Justice, p 4-6

Feb 21 | First Sunday in Lent |“Welcoming”; In the temple, Jesus questions the purposes of religious rituals and welcomes those who are thirsty.

Devotional | Shalom: The Way to Justice, p 7-9

Feb 28 | Second Sunday in Lent | “Seeing”; Jesus challenges cultural assumptions and gives renewed vision.

Devotional | Shalom: The Way to the Promise of Peace, p 10-13

March 7 | Third Sunday in Lent | “The Giver of Abundant Life”

Devotional | Shalom: The Way to Healing, p 14-17

March 14 | Fourth Sunday in Lent | “The Transformative Power of Love”

Devotional | Shalom: The Way to Hope, p 18-21

March 21 | Fifth Sunday in Lent | “When Time Slows Down

Devotional | Shalom: The Way to Repairing, p 22 – 25

Holy Week

Devotional | Shalom: The Way to Reconciliation, p 26-31

Palm Sunday

March 28 | “The Way of Peace

Maundy Thursday

April 1

Maundy Thursday meditation

Good Friday

April 2

Good Friday service


April 4. Come and join in person at our drive-in service, or via live Zoom broadcast 11 am. More details above.

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