Mission, Vision, Values

This Is Us:

Faith Presbyterian Church gathers in the College Area from all across San Diego. We desire to embody beloved community. We are diverse. We are people of color, white, gay, straight, married, single, parents, old, young, and with various abilities. We share a common life characterized by concern for justice, delight in education, and excellence in music, through all stages of life. We carry living traditions with us as we grow in faith, and we see the triune God as our best expression of faith.

Our Mission:

We desire to embody beloved community.

Our Vision:

A family of Christ, welcoming all, worshiping God, growing in the Spirit and joyously serving others.

Our Values:

Inclusive. We welcome and learn from one another as we are each on unique spiritual journeys. We believe that each of us has many gifts to share and that our faith is enriched as people from many different walks of life participate and lead in the worship, education, and mission of the church.

Nurturing. We believe a beautiful and vibrant family of faith lives into its calling as all are affirmed for who they are. We seek to foster deeper relationships and mutuality as all are encouraged to grow into and share their gifts.

Justice Seeking. We see justice as at the heart of Jesus’ life as recounted in the gospel stories. As the body of Christ in the world, we bear witness to God’s desire for all the children of the earth to flourish as we address particular injustices in our community and in our world.

In the below article, pastor Sam Codington joins local San Diego pastors to discuss national protests, racism, and justice.



We raise a Black Lives Matter banner to say we agree with such a statement.  Yes, Black lives do matter.  We also see this as a starting point for all of humanity, knowing that many people groups have been dehumanized and wrongly treated throughout history and in our present circumstances.  We stand for justice, covered in kindness and humility.  As a congregation, we are on a journey of transformation, learning to walk in the ways of Jesus Christ.  We welcome you on this journey as we learn and grow.