Faith Presbyterian Church Music Ministry is an energetic program, with a chancel choir, a hand-bell choir, guest instrumentalists, Gift of Dance, and worship leaders, whose styles are as varied as the worship services themselves. Our Music Ministry acts as a conduit that transcends our spiritual awareness in the presence of God. It sets an atmosphere that is conductive to Worship in the presence of God and allows us to experience Christ on a personal level. You are invited to become a part of Faith Presbyterian Church Music Ministry and experience the presence of God through the melodies and harmonies of beautiful and meaningful music.

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The Worship Choir practices every Thursday at 7:00PM in Room 1 and the Hand Bell Choir practices at 6:00PM on the same day in Room 2. Come and join us, everyone is welcome. Contact Music Director, Joe Rodriquez for additional information through the church office at 619-582-8480.