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Military Outreach Ministries’ Christmas Toy Drive

Military Outreach Ministries (MOM) will again set up Christmas stores for our San Diego military families.  These Christmas stores will be a place for military families to come and shop for gifts for their children.  MOM serves many families in this way during the Christmas holidays.

Help the MOM bring Christmas joy to our military families.  Please bring unwrapped toys for babies, toddlers, children ages 2-12 and teens 13-14.

See Carolyn Taxer on Sundays after worship with any questions, or leave a message for her at the church office by calling (619) 582-8480 or e-mail office@fpsd.org.

Do you know, our San Diego MOM has FREE MONTHLY FOOD MINISTRIES AND BREAD MINISTRIES?    There are many, many more ways they help our military community, and if interested to find out more about MOM and about all the good things they do year-round, please visit:  http://www.sandiegomom.org/


Military Outreach Ministries Back-to-School Supplies Drive

School SuppliesSchool time is almost here and donations of backpack and school supplies are needed. Your donations will be given to children of military families in San Diego. Thank you for supporting the Military Outreach Ministries. To get more information regarding the drive, contact Carolyn Taxer through the church office at (619) 582-8480.School Supplies b

Military Outreach Ministries

The Military Outreach Ministries (MOM) wishes to thank everyone for their support and donations to the Easter Egg Hunt. For more information please contact Carolyn Taxer through the church office at 619-582-8480.

A Big Thank You

Missions and Outreach

Thank you to all for bringing your aluminum cans and plastics for recycling. Keep on bringing them (no glass please) to the church and all the money will go to the Deacons’ missions. The Deacons have been providing support and help many including the Military Outreach Ministry (MOM) and the Presbyterian Urban Ministries (PUM).