Unexpected Arrivals

An Advent Series in the Gospel of Luke
Advent 2021

The season of Advent marks the beginning of the church’s calendar with the anticipation and the birth of Jesus. Advent means coming. So, we are celebrating the coming of God in Christ at the first Christmas, and we are anticipating the ongoing coming of God in lives each day afresh. This Advent, we are following the themes of hope, peace, joy, and love with the Gospel of Luke.

December 26, 2021
First Sunday of Christmas

“Filled with Praise”

Pastor Sam preaching

Luke 2:25~38

Simeon and Anna welcome Jesus in the temple.

December 24, 2021
Christmas Eve Candlelight Service

“Good News on the Night Shift”

Pastor Sam preaching

Luke 2:1~20

Shepherds receive the good news of the birth of Jesus.

December 19, 2021
Fourth Sunday of Advent

Christmas Choir Concert

“Singing for Love’s Sake”

Pastor Sam preaching

Luke 1: 46 ~ 56

Mary sings of the mighty acts of God.

December 12, 2021
Third Sunday of Advent

“Surprised by Joy”

(Due to technical difficulties, there is not a video. Apologies!)

Pastor Sam preaching

Luke 1: 39 ~ 45

Mary and Elizabeth greet each other with joy.

December 5, 2021
Second Sunday of Advent

“Anticipating the Peaceable Kingdom”

Pastor Sam preaching

Luke 1: 26 ~ 38

The angel Gabriel tells Mary that she will have a son and name him Jesus.

November 28, 2021
First Sunday of Advent

“Unspeakable Hope”

Pastor Sam preaching

Luke 1: 1~25

A priest encounters a divine vision, and the first hints of a new possibility begin to form.

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